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Benefits don't have to be complicated.


Ease the Burden

Employee Benefits are no longer separate from other HR aspects. We are experts in managing Benefit Plans for companies ranging in size, industry, and location.

Integrated HCM System

Integrated System

One system.  Information flows seamlessly from onboarding, time & labor, and payroll.

Reduce Benefits Selection Errors

Reduce Errors

A rules-based system helps eliminate errors and confusion by allowing employees to select benefit plans that meet your specifications.

Easy Benefits Reporting

Easy Reporting

View of benefits management, including a comparison of an employee’s old coverage vs. new plan, benefit, census report and reconciliation.

Carrier Connection / Feeds

Carrier Connection / Feeds

Quickly and accurately deliver employee benefit and enrollment data to carriers.

401k / Retirement Integrations

401k/ Retirement Integrations

Securely delivered to financial
institutions, eliminating the manual processes.

Minimize Premium Leakage

Minimize Premium Leakage

Ensure carriers terminate benefits coverage when you do.

Georgia Group Insurance Management

A single Insurance Agent no longer suffices and Health Care Reform just complicates your benefits. These things are just the tip of the benefits administration iceberg.

  • Payroll for affordability
  • Time Management for full time average hours status
  • Track minimum value and compliance
  • Manage benefits eligibility and employee enrollment

There's a better solution

A Single System, A Single Solution, A Single Employee Record. 

Whether you are subject to Healthcare Reform or not, a single solution will streamline and automate your Employee Benefits while keeping information consistent for Compliance purposes.

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A single benefits management solution

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