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Benefits Administration

Single System, A Single Employee Record, A Single Solution

Take the unpredictability out of Benefits Administration. 

Whether you are subject to Health Care Reform or not, a single solution will streamline and automate your employee benefits while keeping information consistent across all disciplines for compliance purposes.

See it in Action

Make benefits administration easy

Benefits administration is key to compliance and employee retention. Simplify benefits administration for multiple plan types with self-service tools and instant visibility into enrollment status, eligibility, and costs across the employee base.

Streamline Enrollment

Our HR solution enables you to set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plan types — quickly and easily - both during open enrollment and throughout the year.

Minimize Compliance Risks

If an employee chooses to waive a plan, they will be automatically prompted to select a waived reason from a pop-up box for desired plans.

Easy to use Tools

Get a comprehensive view of benefits management, including a comparison of an employee’s old coverage vs. their new plan, benefit reconciliation, and a benefit census report.

No Manual Data Entry

Employee benefits plan automatically attach to their profile within the system. All corresponding benefit deductions will then be applied to the employee’s paycheck during each pay period.


Self-service tools empower employees to select plans and make life event changes on their own, increasing engagement and reducing your administrative workload.

Mobile Access

Employees have their benefits information with them everywhere they go. They can enroll, manage, and view their benefits via the app, anytime.

Georgia Employee Benefits Administration Solution Guide

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Download the benefits administration datasheet, to learn how our benefits solution provides efficiency for benefits enrollment and management.

  • Empower Employees
  • Minimize Compliance Risk
  • Streamline Benefits Processes for all benefit plans
  • and much more!

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