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Compliance is a top priority for Human Resources professionals in Georgia and beyond. You need support assistance, templates, handbooks guidance, and more, all by certified HR lawyers - we've got you covered.
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Solutions Delivered By HR Specialists

Employee Handbook Creation & Updates
State & Federal Labor Law Poster Compliance
HR Forms, Templates, Brochures, & Guides
Hiring & Termination Best Practices & Guidance
FLSA Determination Assistance
Reporting Assistance - OSHA, EEOC, MultiWorksite, etc
ACA / Health Care Reform Guidance
Timely Topic Webinars and Training
Many Other Solutions and Services


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Unlimited HR Email and Phone Consultation
1-on-1 Project Based HR Consultation
Online Self Service HR Portal

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Our HR Support Center is dedicated to help you manage Human Resources and compliance every step of the way.



HR Is Complicated. We've Got Your Back.

We succeed only when you do. As expert problem solvers, we’re empowered to help save your business time and money by streamlining workforce management tasks and maintaining your organization’s compliance with complex labor laws. Our goal is to help you find ways to improve your business’s performance.


What To Expect With Our HR Compliance Services

Professional Assistance

FLSA determination assistance, reporting assistance - OSHA, EEOC, MultiWorksite, etc, ACA / Health Care Reform Guidance, among others.

Employee Development

Define training courses, assign employees, host and track completion. Schedule internal classes, monitor open seats, and report on participation and results to improve employee engagement and development.

Custom Documents

Handbook creation, HR forms, templates, brochures, guides, and more!


Discover why great HR is something you can't afford to do without. 


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  • Save you money by avoiding costly mistakes
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