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Ease the administrative burden of benefits administration. 

Benefits without fuss.

With the assistance of our platform, we get quotes, you choose your plan from a list of many carriers, we implement the new plan, and your employees enroll…

All in the fraction of time it takes traditional brokers, and you haven’t lifted a finger or had to administer anything.

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Stuff about the Private Exchange


Upon onboarding all tax and employment forms are digitized.

Online Enrollment

Choose from a list of our partners, or bring in your own benefit company and forget ever faxing or mailing stacks of paperwork ever again.

Data sent to carriers

Any information your employees use will never have to be entered twice!

Time Off Accruals

Time off, punch-ins, and all other time management can be managed in one place.

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Need Info

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With M&H Exchange, We Turn Your Benefits into, “Benefits Pay As You Go”

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