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Reminder: EEO-1 Is Due by March 31

Don't Forget - Companies Should Start Using the New I-9 Form Starting Monday, September 18, 2017

IRS Extension of QSEHRA Notice

8 Ways An Employee Handbook Can Create a Great Workplace

5 Challenges of 2017

Is Your HR Team Aware of the OSHA 300A Change?

Americans with Disabilities Act: Questions & Answers

What if Your Employee Violates Timekeeping Procedures?

FLSA: Can You Reclassify Employees?

Christmas On a Sunday? Should You Still Give Employees a Day off?

Are Vacation and PTO The Same Thing?

OSHA Delays Effective Date of Anti-Retaliation Provisions

Federal Law Alert: Pay Data

Federal Law Alert: New i-9 Form

FLSA Overtime: A Sigh of Relief for Employers?

Being Consistent in Your Policies

How Do Medical Reimbursements Work?

What Is The Performance Evaluation Cycle?

What If An Employee Takes Reclassification Personally

Does Earmarked Money Apply Towards the Minimum Salary Threshold?

Should I Do Reference Checks?

Talking About Politics At Work

What Is Progressive Discipline?

Can We Still Ask About Previous Salaries?

Do We Pay For Worker's Comp. Meetings?

What Are the Requirements for Unpaid Internships?

Reminder: EEO-1 Report Due September 30!

Are We Allowed To Ask Employees About Previous Worker's Comp?

Federal Law Alert: OSHA Rule Changes

How Do Introductory Periods Work?

Should We Reduce An Employee’s Hours As A Disciplinary Measure?

Employee Behavior At Non-work Events

How Do I Handle Employees that Complain About Another?

How Should Businesses Handle Pokémon Go?

Switching Employee Exempt Status

What to Expect if Your State or City Passes Paid Sick Leave

How Do I Know Which FLSA Rules Apply to My Company?

Do We Have to Pay an Employee for Work They Did While on Vacation?

When Exempt Status Is A Status Symbol

Federal Law Alert: FLSA Changes Salary Minimums

What Should I Do When Someone Changes Their Legal name?

Working with Summer Scheduling Challenges

What Does the FLSA Say About Clocking In and Out?

Which Employees Does the new FLSA rule affect?

Welcome to The M&H Exchange

What Should We Do about Salaries Between Two thresholds?

What Do We Do With Non-exempt Employees and Lunch Breaks?

What Is the Difference Between an Exempt Employee and a Non-exempt Employee?

What Do We Actually Do?

3 TED Talks all HR Professionals should watch

Best Practices for Talent Management

A Quick check for ACA compliance

3 Useful Payroll Solutions for your Business

9 Frequently Asked Questions about ACA Reporting

ACA Reporting - Are You Ready?

ACA...Who must file?

Human Capital Management: Single Platform Versus Integrated Platform

5 Ways To Build a Recruiting Function Your CEO Will Love

THE BIGGEST LIES IN HR HISTORY: I’ve Read the Book “Topgrading” From Front to Back...

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As HR professionals, we are most interested in the intersection of the HR practice, technology and business results in today’s organizations. We have a strong interest in areas like recruiting, payroll, benefits, and ACA management, and the technology that manages these areas of interest.  We also keep an eye towards the thousand other areas that impact HR Generalists at every level (VP, Director, Manager, etc.). This Blog does just that.

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