Human Resources

The multi-faceted world of HR can be effortless.

Eliminate admin overload. 

No more mountains of paperwork,  transcribing to digital formats, entering into multiple systems, etc. Manage the entire employee lifecycle better than before so you can focus on people — not paperwork and processes.


A paperless system that eliminates duplicate data entry and error-prone manual tasks so you can focus on your people

Centralized Information

All HR data is centralized so you can use it anywhere on the platform.

Drive Employee Engagement

Manage talent so you can develop, reward, and retain a high-performing workforce.

Full Integration

Integrates HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and more on a common platform with a single, consistent source of employee data.

Improve Decision Making

Workflows, configurable forms and reports, to accurately, consistent information reduce administrative workload and compliance risk.

Have Backup

Sometimes you need advice, have a question, or need compliance updates, we've got it covered. 


We save you time and money and consistently look for ways to optimize your business. 

  • We succeed only when you do. As expert problem solvers, we’re empowered to help save your business time and money by streamlining workforce management tasks and maintaining your organization’s compliance with complex labor laws. Our goal is to help you find ways to improve your business’s performance.
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There's a better solution

A Single System, A Single Solution, A Single Employee Record. 

Too often, however, manual processes and time-consuming administrative tasks associated with managing employee data, benefits, and compliance can keep organizations from focusing on initiatives that boost workforce productivity, improve employee engagement, and drive better business outcomes.

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