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Components of our Simplified Payroll

Flexible Payroll
Flexible Payroll

Hourly, salary, annually and everything in between. Our simple payroll system is flexible, and we let you set ut up exactly as you wish.


ACA compliance

Guaranteed Compliance

With a Geospatial Tax Engine, Federal, State, and Local Taxes are guaranteed accurate and on time.

platfrom integrations

We partner with hundreds of other companies to make your HR experience fluid. From Google Calendars to Accounting platforms, all of your data easily flows securely from one place to another.

Data Reporting

Data is available at your fingertips. You've got cusomized reports on anything you can dream of from geotracking a punch in to managing performance reviews. HR management has never seemed to capable and powerful.

Paperless Payroll

Save Time, Money, and Trees

M&H is a green solution. As green as that nice looking demo button below. Sign up with us and that stack of paperwork that keeps blocking your office window can immediately disappear. Of course, if your business does still want to use paper, we can handle that too.  Reduce your paper over time.

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