on December 28, 2016 Payroll

What if Your Employee Violates Timekeeping Procedures?

Question: One employee says she is running a few minutes late and asks another if he can clock her in. What if she shows up an hour later? Can we adjust the clock-in time?

An employees time clock

You certainly have the right to adjust the clock-in time, but make sure to note why the time was changed for the payroll file. Doing so will help protect you in the event of a wage and hour claim.

In general, when an employee clocks in for another employee who is not currently working, they are both involved in stealing from the employer. You can certainly discipline the employees for this action as you would for other instances of theft or violations of your timekeeping policy.

If you don’t have a timekeeping policy that addresses this issue, now would be a great time to implement one (we have one available in the Policies Library on the HR Support Center). That way employees understand the seriousness of following your timekeeping procedures and the consequences for violating them.

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